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Stephan Hagen

Stephan Hagen began in 1986 with Tai Chi Chuan. His first teacher, Frieder Anders, told him about his Chinese teacher Chu King Hung, that he would be the third disciple of Yang Shou-Chung.

Stephan then studied for some years with Chu King-Hung and his students Ila Braun and Frieder Anders, and later, with Chu Gin-Soon, second disciple of Yang Shou Chung. Knowing that his teacher’s retirement would make him much less available to him, Stephan hoped that some day, he could travel to Hong Kong himself for further study.

He finally began to study with Yang Sifu in 2006. In a short time, Yang Sifu changed his understanding of this art in a dramatic way.

Important in the education-program of this family is the creation of a natural, relaxed, elastic body (also called the total freedom of the body) in combination with a balanced flow of blood, energy, balanced nerve-system, and intellectual and emotional development. More importantly, there is a defined, practical way to achieve this.

Her form is based on sophisticated and deep ideas, which once understood, can generate great power regardless of body or muscle mass.
Since June 2008, Stephan began a whole series of seminars on starting Yang family Tai Chi Chuan basics. The softening exercises contain the basic principles of tai chi chuan and without them, development cannot occur. Learning them involves repetition and evolvement.

Softening exercise

The softening exercises stimulate energy into areas of the body and then act as a softening agent to all the connecting tissue to all the bone joints starting with the spinal column. Through the softening exercises, also one learns the basic principles of body movement.