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The Yeung Family

The Yeung (Yang) family’s style of Tai Chi Chuan is unique to the Yeung family. It was started by Great Master, Yeung Lu Chan (Yang Lü-Chan), who was born over two hundred years ago, and has been passed down to family members, generation after generation to the present day.

The lineage under discussion is that of Mr Yeung Sau Chung (Yang Shou-Chung), the eldest son of Mr Yeung Ching Po (Yang Cheng-Fu). Mr Yeung Sau Chung moved to Hong Kong with his family in 1949, and continued to dedicate his life to practicing and teaching Tai Chi Chuan until his death in 1985. Since then his family has devoted themselves to practicing and teaching Tai Chi Chuan.

Mr Yeung had taught for over fifty years, and his daughter Mrs Yeung Ma Lee (Yang Ma-Li), taught for over twenty years. Over these seventy years, they both have taught many students. Their method of teaching is personal and individualized. Through this methodology, they have employed various teaching approaches that take into consideration an individual’s learning level, capabilities and physique.